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gerund or present participle: creating



Hello! I’m Marcus Walton 


a digital media and Marketing Ninja! Nice to meet you! 


With the depth of my skill set, whether you need a one man band or someone that can lead or listen in a team, I’m that person!


With our first child on the way I’m looking for a more meaningful direction in my career but let’s be honest, I need the work! If you look through my resume please disregard any thoughts of “he’s overqualified, overtrained, etc.!” I would just like the opportunity to work and don’t mind offering a test project to show you my chops! 


Please make a me a consideration and let’s talk, I’m here for you!


I can contribute web development, Search Engine Optimization, all Marketing and Design needs, photography and videography, social media management and more. I would love to be a part of the team and I know I could be a key asset to your company. I also have all of my own equipment and I’m ready to start right away!


I have always been a designer at heart and practiced traditional art since I was a young child. My strong points are in aesthetics, layout, typography, logo, print, and any other design related tasks. I’m very conscious of Visual flow and Hierarchy and I think they play important roles in Design. As for my other skills I am proficient in Web Design (Flash, HTML, CSS, PHP, ACTIONSCRIPT), 3d modeling, Video and Audio Production and Editing, Print and Branding Design, Photography, Videography, and Motion Graphics. I also have excellent writing and communication skills along with excellent customer service orientation. I am passionate about my work and take great joy and pride when creating something, I truly love what I do and that makes it very easy to continue my learning in the Industry. 


Traditional art background with a creative and original style. Very comfortable with computers and designing in various media forms such as print, web, motion graphics, etc. A strong passion for words and use of typography within layout design for print, and excellent writing skills. A true people person capable of conflict resolution and leadership of a team to accomplish given tasks and meet deadlines. Over 12 years of Photography experience a true passion for it. Video experience as well in production and editing with a great eye for composition and framing. In addition to my Artistic background I have great people skills, including a natural leadership ability and excellent problem solving skills.

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